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Today is the first anniversary of my blog. Not a great date in history, but an important date for me. I am a little surprised that I got here and that this blog is still ongoing, after all changes it went through. I posted some thoughts here when I was studying management, I still post some management or leadership posts from time to time. I also post some stuff about service, without real hope to change the world, but with intention of letting off some steam and making flounders of others public. But with time this blog became more of a diary for mine – my travels, my thoughts, chronicle (of sorts) of my life. Astoundingly, there are no posts here about my work, which is obviously a big part of my life. I plan to change that, although I am not yet sure how. I have also not posted anything about poetry, and I will definitely change that soon.

In that past year I read 25 books, which makes 2 a month. Not too bad. Results of that reading you can find in many posts here. This is my 130th post, which means that I post about once every three days. I would like to post more often. I gained 74 followers, and I hope that each one of them finds something worthwhile by reading this blog. I had 3365 hits, which makes a bit less than 10 a day. I am sure that I lie somewhere at the bottom of the popularity ratings at WordPress, but I haven’s started this to be popular. I actually still don’t know really why I started it… 🙂 but I hope that I will find out on the way. I wish my blog Happy Birthday and I hope for many more years to come.