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This post is actually a bit late, but I was recently very busy and had unfortunately no time to catch up with my blog. Anyway,  second day after I have arrived to Philippines we took a drive to Poro Point (link here will give you an idea where that is). The drive itself took about 6 to 7 hours, as only part of the road is a two-line highway. The rest of the road takes you through villages, where you have to bypass a lot of slow-moving traffic. Here are some pictures I took from the car during the drive:

Those are tri-cycles, next to Jeepneys a favourite transport vehicle in Philippines. There is a lot of them, manoeuvering the streets. How there are no accidents, I don’t know…

A better image of the same thing…

Here is one of the Jeepneys and in the back you can see a complete chaos of wires, also a common sight in Philippines. How all this works is a mystery.

Staff dancing in a chicken joint we visited on the way. One of the things I like about the country is that people are friendly and smiling, having generally positive attitude despite financial conditions they are in.

And finally the Thunderbird resort at Poro Point, designed in Greek Santorini look. Unfortunately the weather was bad (this being a rain season), but still, the place is very nice. Here is some more information about it, the web site will also have some better images of the place.