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Last Saturday it was my first time to fly with Emirates, first time when I flew first class (Emirates have upgraded me – what a pleasant surprise!), and first time I went to Philippines. Not bad for one day, huh? My flight was booked in business, from Vienna through Dubai to Manila. Emirates had a great (young and attentive) service, the flights were really good, whole experience much better that any Lufthansa flight I had, and only a tad better than my recent flight with Turkish airlines. But maybe this upgrade to the first class had something to do with my judgement  🙂 Below pictures were taken with iPhone cam…

My seat in the first class was actually a cubicle – the only downside is that there were no overhead bins, the space you see above was the only one for your luggage or shoes. I had only backpack with me, so no problem 🙂

Here is how the rest of the cabin looked like. Every one cubicle had doors, you could close them and have a bit of privacy.

Approaching airport in Dubai. If you look really closely, you should be able to see the needle of the tallest building… 🙂

As a counterweight to all luxury of Emirates flight, picture above shows the complete meal Austrian Airlines served me on my recent flight from Athens to Vienna… Does not look like much, huh? And it isn’t. Even Greek airlines served a warm meal (on a flight from Munich to Athens, similar duration). Good bye, Austrian, and good riddance.