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When I was a kid, we were all crazy for the simple company name labels, or advertisement stickers, which you could get only if you wrote to such a company. We were swapping between us lists of addresses of companies where an answer was most likely. We had letter texts prepared, in some sort of English, to be sent to those companies. No one knew really any word of English, those letters just sounded right and anyway, those have proven themselves many times since our friends swore that they got a reply after they sent such a letter. What a joy that was to get Leyland sticker along with a glossy catalogue full of pictures of shiny trucks… Or Conoco sticker, with red letters on white background… Simple things which gave us happiness in the dark ages of communism.

I am Polish and we went a long way from those days. The time which has passed since then was, at least for the history of my country, very rich in events which have touched all of us, not only in Poland, but in Europe and maybe even in the World. Stories which we can tell (and by we I mean mine and earlier generations) are no longer understood by our own youth of today, much less by all the so-called Western civilisation. What we went through, you did not even observe properly. But you have always judged.

Now, look at us. We have conquered communist regime and gave example to many nations around us. We have picked our economy from knees and gave it stable legs, becoming leaders in our own region in those hard times. We are hosting European football championship and we are doing it well. But Western world is much more interested in how many people were arrested during some stupid fights, than in being fair in telling how things really are. Funny enough, if Western countries went through the same transformation as we did, we would maybe not have such a deep crisis today.

I, although living in foreign country, am proud of what we have achieved as a nation. I am aware of our weaknesses. I am also happy that I could live through all the changes, what gave me the experience I can still draw from. And to all, I wish only one thing – for you to be fair.