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I have been flying with Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines for at least 10 years, not only on short European hops, but also on longer intercontinental jumps. Both of those airlines were for me, at least until recently, clearly the best in terms of service. Lately though Lufthansa crew became arrogant and abrupt, turning (even business class) experience into a bad dream. Austrian can not be trusted that they will fly on time or fly at all, since they are busy arguing with each other instead of serving their passengers. On top of that food rations are getting smaller and smaller, I bet that soon I will have to bring magnifying glass with me in order to find it on the tray. If I will get the tray, that is.

Of course, since flying is expensive no matter what class or airline you are getting into, we needed to look for alternatives. One of those will be with British Airways, an airline I never liked. I am dreading our test flight with them in October to Vegas…

Another, latest test was with Turkish Airlines from Vienna to Hong Kong. The longer leg, from Istanbul to our destination, was – simply speaking – very good. Flying there was good, flying back even better (we flew business). Seats which turn completely flat and you can really sleep, good food (and a lot of it), great service and young (and especially on the return flight) pretty crew (yeah, I am a guy and I do pay attention to such… things?). I hope we will fly with them again. They truly have overtaken their fellow Star Alliance members in any category. Just have a look at images here.

Lufthansa, wake up. Times are changing. Your conservativeness work now against you, not for you. And your recent purchases (I mean Austrian here) are only dragging you down. Time to do something…