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I have recently finished two books, “A Whack On The Side Of The Head” by Roger von Oech and “Buried Prey” by John Sandford. In lieu of the review of the first one, I will share passages which I marked from the book:

“…Knowledge is the stuff from which new ideas are made. Nonetheless, knowledge alone won’t make a person creative.” And a bit further from it, author tells us that “… the real key to being creative lies in what we do with our knowledge”. What is that exactly? Creativity is an ability to connect facts (knowledge) in ways which no one did before when approaching an issue at hand or simply day-dreaming leading to new ideas.

Author did tackle some topics which are close to my heart. I mentioned ever-growing speciality in our lives in one of my post, he says that “… we have a situation where people know more and more about less and less”. This is true – but if you are locked in a speciality, field of ideas your creativity can graze upon is somewhat limited. This is confirmed by this sentence: “… innovation is usually the result of connections of past experience. But if you have the same experiences as everybody else, you’re unlikely to look in a different direction”.

I picked this one as my last quote, although it has little to do with creativity. I simply thought it well said, and author himself quoted it after Luciano de Crescenzo: “… We are all angels with just one wing – we can only fly while embracing one another”. Good, huh? It made to my favourite quotes list.

And “Buried Prey”? I always liked Sandford’s style and this book was no different from all others I read in the past. I swallowed it in one night, during my flight to Macau. He is, at least for me, a true master in crime/suspense genre. Excellent read, I only wish that I could write like he does…