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Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I saw an opera live. La Traviata, in world-famous Vienna Opera House. Major parts were sung by Ermonela Jaho (Violetta) and Francesco Demuro (Alfredo), who were accompanied by the Opera Orchestra under direction of Bertrand de Billy.

I am not a fan. I was bored, looking for something which could keep me interested. I am sorry to say that I have not found anything, maybe with exception of amazement at Ermonela’s control of her voice. I suspected that I will not like it and I didn’t, but I also do not regret the experience. I am glad that I went, but I know that second visit is highly unlikely. Please don’t take it as description of quality of the spectacle – I am sure that I was the one who could not appreciate its qualities. Other viewers have enjoyed it, judging by the applause at least.

The building, on the other hand, is worth seeing. I always saw it from the outside, plus few times on TV. Below please find some pictures which I shot with my phone. If you will have a chance, visit it. There are tours organized, if you are not fan of the opera as a spectacle, take that. I wish I did 🙂

Ceiling over entrance staircase.

Entrance staircase.

Inside the main hall.