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My first book which I started reading in German, and finished in English… The picture shows my German version, which I left behind on an airplane from Malaga to Düsseldorf. Right after that I bought an English version of it to finish the book.

It’s not a book, really, it’s rather a user manual to a great tool called Business Model Canvas. Great, because it is a foundation to any new business idea, a place to test your assumptions and ideas. Canvas is the place to start whenever you are feeling like creating a company or thinking, that you have a new ground breaking idea. When you have done that, you can (following advice from the book) test it using Porter five forces, do SWOT analysis, or finally prepare a business plan. All in one well written and illustrated volume, well worth reading, even if you did not (or maybe especially if you did not) attend any business school.

Will it change the world of business? Of course not. For that, it would have to change people. And that it cannot do. It can help those who are already on the right path (in attitude, wisdom, knowledge) to reach their goals quicker.