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When you walk in the night, wherever you are, do you ever look up? If you are in my age and you lived in the country side, possibly you can still remember the night skies as those were then. So full of stars… Did you ever wonder where those came from? Brian Clegg in his book is listing most, if not all, major theories behind the beginning of all things. He does it in a language which is understandable to most and, as far as I am concerned, he did not leave a stone unturned. He really listed all major theories, from god creation to “hologram universe”.

The funny thing is, none of those theories is proven, despite some of them being more popular than others. Here is a sentence I liked from the end of the book: “…As scientists fathom deeper the possibilities for the cosmos, whether with universe-spanning telescopes, the power of vast machines such as Large Hadron Collider, or just the age-old tools of the theoretical physicist – a pad, a pencil, and an imaginative brain – we can never be sure that we will have a certain answer to the key question posed in this book.” (p290) And this is what makes the whole world wonderful and interesting.

If you ever look up and wonder at how many of them are up there and where all of them came from, this book can give you an idea what others thought about it. What it can not rob you of is the right to come up with your own theory. Who knows, it may prove to be the one all scientists are after.