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Below see a map of Gibraltar, which I found in my hotel (Eliott Hotel, represented by a bigger green dot to the left). This hotel was  a starting point of my trip:

I shot some pictures along the way, the main ponts you definitely you want to see are the top of the mountain, which you can reach with a cable car. From there, if the weather is good, you will find great views:

You already of course know that there are monkeys there. A lot of them. I saw them walking all over one of the tourists, looking for food in his clothes. You don’t want to carry anything edible in the open, you should also avoid any bags with food. Those things are wild.

From the top I went down and visited the botanic garden, entrance to which is located right next to the bottom station of the car:

I went through the garden and headed towards the Big Gun. It is one of the few remaining super guns of that era. There were two in that location, one is left for us to wonder at it. Here is some more about the history of this piece of military engineering:

From there I took a stroll through some tunnels and ended up in Europa Point, the southernmost point of Gibraltar, with clear views towards the African Continent:

From there I had a long way back to the hotel, climbing over one of the hills, walking next to the garbage dump and some military buildings. All in all, great walk – I saw most of the points of interest within better half of the day.

The place is great, but would I want to live there? I wouldn’t mind, if I had to. I can expect that after a while limit on choices (restaurants, things to do) would start to get annoying. But on the other hand, I could imagine having a house in Spain, near La Linea, and drive over to Gib to work. Who knows?