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Not so long ago I have visited the famous Vasa Museum in Stockholm. The museum itself is fantastically organized and if you have never been there, you should go, as it is well worth it.

The museum structure is build around a ship which was retrieved from the bottom of the sea, and one can only wonder at the abilities of the shipbuilders of that era.

But there is also a big lesson in the ship history. It sank because the king ordered to have a second row of guns installed. It was done, but the ship had not enough ballast and king’s bureaucrats did not reveal that fault to him. What can you learn from that? Well, if you are the king, don’t stick your nose where it does not belong and let your people do the work. If you are the one reporting to the king, gather your courage and speak up when something goes wrong. AT least today they will not cut your head off.

Some details of this ship can be found here.