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This book touches on a very important subject – bias in decision making. Of course importance of this reaches beyond managerial issues, the book shows that we are biased in all situations in which we need to make a decision at various stages of our lives. This is a very sad truth, especially that this bias most of the time is not even explicit to us. In other words, we do not realise that what we think or do is biased. In this regard the book touches on a lot of the subjects touched by Mr. Cialdini.

I find the topic of the book very important, but the way this topic is presented in the book is, at least to me, too scientific (maybe because it is a university textbook?). I felt sometimes lost under never-ending lists of names of researches whose work was cited as proof of certain theories. I think that all of the explanations, plus lessons as per how to de-bias ourselves, could be done in simpler form: perhaps more would then remain in my head. Right now I feel relieved that I finished, I know that the subject is important and I feel sad that all I decide (even when I think I am being rational about it) is biased, even subconsciously.

If you know a better book about that subject, let me know.