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In every workplace there are people who are spreading various information, which are mostly not confirmed but are “hot” in nature. We all know what this is – a gossip. I personally find nothing of value in it, especially when it touches private lives of co-workers.

A different variation of this is when you hear so called “he said she said” tale. You were not there, cannot confirm it but if you trust the bearer of the news, you feel sometimes that you must act on it. I recommend this when you hear from various people that someone voiced an opinion about you which you feel you need to correct. Do it – show initiative, approach the person spreading false accusations or information, and try to put an end to it. The conversation you start should not be confrontational in nature, only friendly and informative. Showing such initiative, even when the person in question is your boss, will work wonders. If not improving the situation, then definitely improving your self image.