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I think that I touched on a crazy idea in my post about new ideas for music industry, which, when you think about it, is not so crazy. Get rid of CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays etc… And why not? In order for people to be able to copy, they need to have something to copy from. In digital age, any original can be multiplied – almost without loss of quality – endlessly. What would then happen if there was no original? Or if it was, but not available to masses only to its creator?

We do not HAVE to own music to be able to listen to it. Radio is the best example. iPod, after all, is nothing else than a radio which plays your scenario. Your music in the way you want it. Do you care if you OWN those songs as long as those are being played when you want and how you want?

If music industry would drop satellite digital radio, smart phones, satellite communication and cloud technology into one huge bucket and stir, what would come out? Music industry stubbornly holds onto old technologies, sales and distribution channels – even availability of DVD did not change the CD. Wake up people and stop protecting something which is long-lost – you need to come up with new, we will follow. If there will be no CDs to buy, what other choice will we have? Sometimes crazy ideas are the new standards of tomorrow.