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Stop Online Piracy Act together with ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) are huge threats to freedom disguised under pretense of fighting against thievery of IP rights or rights of creators to proceedings of sales of their creation. There are things in those laws I agree with, such as fight against copying clothes, bags, luxury items or illegal publishing digital copies of movies or music. All those things are bad, but…

Why then China is allowed to copy everything freely? The answer is, because it pays for it somewhere else. I can hardly see Volkswagen getting out of the country because it is being copied, while at the same time it has record sales of original cars.

Why stop and close internet sites? Companies representing movie and music industries are simply innovation poor and stupid. They don’t know how to protect their work (and artists they represent) and the easiest choice is to exercise pressure on governments. Would you permanently cut off the water supply to your house when one of the taps was leaking? No. You would try to fix the tap. Constant war between copiers and suppliers is, strangely, also a source of innovation and progress, as is fight against internet crime such as web site hacking or breaking into online banking. I strongly suspect though that the traditional source of income for all those once big houses is drying out and they are grasping at straws.

Consequence of this is that we again will end up paying for big boys stupidity, and this is the truth, as much as this sounds like a conspiracy theory. This is why we should stand up against the whole laws – keep the sensible parts, but rid of censure. Make them come up with a better solution.