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The only shows on TV which I am watching regularly are all sorts of talent shows. All kinds of “The Voice of …”, “… Got Talent”, whatever. I am deeply moved by so-called everyday people when they show their hidden talents. And what talents those are! I am full of praise for their professionalism, passion, and love to what they do when no one really notices, maybe with exception of their families and closest friends. Such shows bring true stars, common people who through their mastery of chosen subject prove to us that there are no everyday people… Looking at them you tend to think that everyone has a story to tell, everyone fights own fights, everyone deserves recognition. But only some of them had the courage or possibility to show off – and in many cases, they won many hearts in the process.
I am, of course, jealous. I too would like to have the ability to stir hearts, to bring positive emotions in many people. But to do that, I realize that I would need a lot more courage, artistry, passion and consistency in what I do that I now have. Another lesson learnt from the ordinary people.