The 2011 is over, and like many of you I am also inclined to look back and judge how it was for me. Somehow the end of the old and start of the new seem to give the opportunity to sit down and at least think some issues through.
So how was that year for me? In two words, interesting and, taking everything into account, good. Of course I was affected by this year’s events, as much as anyone else and below please see my personal choice of those events along with short explanation:

  • Finished my MBA. On the 31st of July, I officially got my master’s degree. I am truly happy that I managed to have finished those studies as apart from a degree I won a better (or different) perspective on life in general. I used to read and I still do – but the books I read are much different now. Older ones relaxed me, new ones help me grow.
  • Earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I have found out only yesterday that this earthquake was one of the five worst earthquakes in known world history. Apparently Earth axis has moved by 25cm that day. But what have touched me are two things: the human suffering and powerlessness in the face of forces of nature; and the fact that the consequences of happenings in one corner of the world can have a profound effect on the whole planet. There is no place to hide and all that “space” between us is nothing but an illusion.
  • European financial crisis. Greece going belly up is a signal of changing times ahead. I am getting older (turned 44 this year), job security is important. But more importantly, what happens now may result in social changes, especially taking such events as Arabian Spring and Occupation of Wall Street to mind. I hope that general public will finally stop paying for the few stupid and greedy corporations.
  • Death of few people:
  1. Amy Winehouse – a damn shame;
  2. Liz Taylor – I was growing up when she was big on the screen, sign that I am getting old;
  3. Steve Jobs – all of a sudden business can be a religion and CEO can be a pope;
  4. Osama Bin Laden – well done, SEALs.
  5. Kaddafi – he was asking for it…
  • Couple of science events:
  1. Space shuttle will no longer fly – this spacecraft accompanied my all my adult life. I was drawing it using my first computer at work, I saw once its launch, I followed its missions all the time. I wonder what will replace it.
  2. CERN “mistake” – I still don’t know if they really saw those particles travelling faster than light or not. Somehow I’d like it more if they could prove Einstein wrong.
  • Death of democracy which is being proven by various last year’s events in Hungary, Russia (where Putin simply told everyone what the result of the election is going to be before anyone had a chance to cast a vote), South Africa… I hope that really people are going to realize how badly they are being lied to. Or we are being lied to.
  • Americans getting out of Iraq – interesting, will this mean new future for this poor (in more than financial sense) country, or will it mean more of the past.

This is my list, my year, if you will. What do I hope for the new? I ended that year having my leg in plaster; I wish (for myself, my close ones and all of you) that the new one will be healthy. I hope that it will open new possibilities to me, professionally and privately. I want to find peace in what I do. And quietly survive another year. I know it will not be boring.