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I am a believer in living organism theory of organisation – organisations are built by the people and their character represents (to a greater or lesser degree) a vector of characters of its leaders and/or owners. Meaning that shortcomings of the CEO will become, sooner or later, the shortcomings of the organisation.

Some of the CEOs though are so engrossed in their importance and conviction that they are actually doing something right that they do not pay attention to reality. If we, customers or consumers, will allow such organisations to continue unaware on their path to destruction, this will happen that much sooner. We can, through use of our rights and privileges, try to wake the given company up. In many cases our complaints mean greater cost for them, which must show on the balance sheets. That usually gets the attention of the people in charge. They have then the choice to do something about it or ignore it further and effectively lead the organisation to its end. This is what I meant when asking for compensation from Austrian Airlines – if this airline will not see raising costs of passenger compensation, it will never try to address the issues behind those costs.

Austrian is not the only troubled airline – KLM is also playing in the same league. I got stranded once because of their mismanagement of ground procedures and when I got to the hotel provided by the airline, I noticed a list of about 80 people who were to get their rooms the same night also due to cancellations of flights. KLM later asked me what I thought about their “problem solving skills” in a survey – a typical case of addressing the wrong things. Instead of telling me how do they plan to fix the cause of the flight cancellation, they wanted to know if they were good at managing the consequences.

What I wanted to say through above is that if we can contribute to waking the bad service organisations up, we should do so. But it is entirely up to those organisations and people behind them to recognize the true source of problems and to fix them. If they fail to do so due to arrogance, blindness or whatever else, they deserve to perish. That, by the way, also applies to organisations you happen to work for.