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At the end of last year I learned about a new website, called TripIt. It is a web site which is tracking your trips made during the year. Maybe not something you cannot live without, but definitely a useful tool if you are into statistics. Since the end of the year approaches, here is what I done in 2011:

  • 28 trips
  • 107 days on the road (which is almost a third of the year – I didn’t realize myself that it was so much…)
  • 91.906 km (which is more than twice around the world)
  • 21 cities
  • 17 countries

I am still amazed at the speed with which our planet shrunk. I was born and raised in a country from which you could not go anywhere, as it was behind the Iron Curtain. My first international travel was straight into the USA, in 1992. Since then, I visited approx. 54 countries, most of them on the job.

One thing is for sure: travel today is no longer a pleasure. It is hard, stressful, mostly dirty, tiring and sometimes also dangerous. Osama and terrorism are not the only things to blame – we are. We accept what is being dished out to us (like many other things in life), as seemingly there is no alternative. I am sure there is, also in our price range, we just haven’t found it yet.