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Christmas, as usual, is the great season for charity. Something about the general atmosphere of this period makes us especially susceptible to human misery. The bravest ones from us do help personally, handing out soups in kitchens set up especially for homeless people, for example. Others just give money, others still buy additional food at the store to be donated to those in need.

To be honest with you, I would like to help too (at least I like to think so) where my help would go beyond simple donation. But I am not ready for a commitment of  “every Thursday 5 pm” type. My free time comes and goes and I have no fixed schedule. I would like to see somewhere a possibility to give an hour of my time when I can, or to do something (a specific task) for someone. I wonder if there is a web site or an organisation which has such tasks for people like me. Scared to commit, brave enough to do a little something. Let me know.