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About 20 years ago travelling on an airplane – especially inter-continental – was still rare for most of us. It was an adventure, an event to talk about. Thanks to Bin Laden flying became a hell of a nuisance, losing all its charm and romanticism. Thanks to technological evolution flying became commonplace, where airplane replaced a bus. Of course as on any bus, you can expect to find families with kids of various ages. I am sure that many of you (especially the ones who don’t have their own kids, like me) absolutely HATE kids on the plane, especially during overnight, long haul flights. Many passengers have complained to crew or to airlines about loud and rowdy kids so no wonder that airlines reacted to this (“Time” has something about it here) and started to do something about it.

Well, do you agree with such treatment of kids and families? I am sure that your opinion about it will depend strongly on the fact if you are a parent or not. If not, you are all for it, if yes, you are against. Who is at a disadvantage here? We, who have to endure all the silly procedures, problems with check-in, security checks and screaming babies for hours on end where those babies are not even ours? Or parents of those babies, who have to go through the same hell as we before they will get on the bus (sorry, airplane) and have to endure our stares and complaints when kids misbehave?

Is there a solution to this dilemma? An airplane is NOT a public space as many think, it is private. It belongs to an airline. Therefore the airline can introduce any difficulties it chooses (or make life easy) to parents with kids. It could altogether ban them, as it is already being done in some first class flights. You, as a passenger, could then express your agreement or disagreement by either flying them or not.

I know one thing: until someone comes with an idea satisfying all of us, I will still HATE flying with kids, because right now I have no choice over this matter.