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Remember my post from the 21st of October (here)? Life, as usual, is busy writing and adding new chapters to already thick book of nonsense. Time magazine and most of the international news agencies reported new secrecy bill which South African ANC pushes hard to introduce. “Time” explained very well all the issues behind it and the apparent reason for introduction of such a law, I just wanted to add something to it: if Desmond Tutu in his famous self describes current “democratic” South African government as “worse than the apartheid government”, then definitely we can presume that South African “democracy” failed or is failing rapidly. I wonder though where international community is now? Why no one screams at ANC? Why was it justifiable to stick international nose under South African tent during apartheid and now it is not so good? Or maybe it is not considered to be cool to criticise such a young black democracy (it is not racism, it is a fact – SA has black democracy).

South Africa, from once great nation and economy, is on the downward spiral to the same place where Zimbabwe already is (accidentally, great chunk of millions of illegal immigrants fleeing to South Africa, adding to its problems, are coming from Zimbabwe). History is providing lessons only to those who want to learn, if you ignore them, you remain stupid.