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Do you know what is it that you have that is the most valuable? Of course, it is time. Your time.

We sell it when we are paid for our work. This is OK if you accept the payment and consider it fair. If it is not, if you consider the payment for your time not adequate, you are wasting it or a portion of it.

We waste it driving to work – each half an hour drive one way means an hour a day spent in a car, where all you do with yourself is drive. Five hours a week. 240 hours a year, which means 10 days. What could you do with 10 days? Go for vacation somewhere? Imagine spending ten days in a car driving back and forth the same distance over and over again. Would you call it vacation?

We waste it waiting on someone who is notoriously late. Every 15 minutes you wait is forever and irreplaceable gone, you cannot get them back or make up for it. If your always late friend is one who you see often, those wasted minutes go for hours in a year or days or weeks in a lifetime. Try counting them as I counted driving time. Or how about your boss, who has no respect for your time and makes you wait every time a meeting is set? In order to finish up your work, you may need to stay longer wasting even more of YOUR TIME.

Appreciate your time, as it is limited. It may feel different, but it is. Through that, start appreciating other people’s time. Don’t steal it from them. In time you waste someone can fall in love, get education, create a work of art, find new calling. He may miss all of that waiting pointlessly for you.


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