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I have recently read an article in Austrian magazine, Profil, about events which may destroy laws of physics as we know them today. The article touched on the subject of the speed of light and some stubborn neutrinos, which seem to have arrived at the measurement point earlier than everyone was expecting them, defying at the same time Einstein’s theory that nothing with a mass can move faster than light. To put that in perspective, article mentioned that neutrinos came to the measurement point in Gran Sasso lab in Italy whole 18 meters quicker than light (the distance from CERN in Geneva to Gran Sasso is 732 km – this is what neutrinos covered). Scientists involved in the project can not believe that the measurements they did are correct and they have invited everyone to check that result. In addition, as possible confirmation of Einstein’s theory a historical fact was mentioned: in the year 1987 a supernova exploded in deep space, a star which was 166.000 light years away from the Earth. Scientists are saying today, that if really neutrinos could travel faster than light, someone would see them years before the explosion. Since neutrinos seem to be 0,002% quicker than light in a vacuum, it would mean that supernova related neutrinos should be observed on Earth 3 years and 4 months earlier. Meaning in 1984. An article summarising above can also be found here.

My question is: was anyone prepared to measure those neutrinos in that particular time of that year? I bet not. In 1984 there was no special reason to do that and, even if there was, no one would connect this fact with an explosion which was visible to us 3.3 years later. Scientists did not have then a reason to question Einstein’s theory.

If those particles can move faster than light, then, according to Einstein, those would be travelling in time. Those small particles are quicker than event releasing them. Time travel would then be, at least theoretically, proven possible, which would defy Einstein’s theory. Today’s scientists also say that this cannot be – see Butterfly Effect. They are saying that if time travel would be possible, in theory you could travel back in time and kill your grandfather. Obviously without grandfather, your father would not be born and so you would also not exist. Quite correct.

Einstein thought that parallel universes are possible and I think that the parallel universes are an answer to time travel. Each time someone would travel in time, a parallel universe would be created. It is simply not possible not to affect anything when travelling in time. Such changes, even minuscule, would create completely different chain of cause and effect events leading to different outcome. Meaning different universe. Consequently, time travel would be possible only in one direction. Even if one could return, one would not return to exactly the same universe as one left it. Therefore you could go back and kill your grandfather (what a sick idea), you would be gone but a new universe would be created instead.