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I have just read a post here by my fellow WordPress blogger, Tom Basson. He is, of course, right. But TV is not the only thing life is too short for. I would say, life is too short

  • for McDonald’s and any other bad food
  • for bad wine
  • for hanging out with stupid people
  • for wasting time on waiting on people who are notoriously late
  • for worrying
  • for pointless work
  • for saving money
  • for spending money stupidly
  • for bad driving
  • for fast driving
  • for any diets
  • for getting fat
  • for looking for keys in your bag
  • for sobering up
  • etc etc

You can add your own. I am sure that there are statistics somewhere how long we spent waiting or looking for keys in a bag. Possibly months or years. If you add all those things together, the sum is surely going to be bigger than your adult life. Is therefore life not worth living? No. One just has to admit that a lot of life that we live is spent on stupid, senseless things. But would life be any interesting otherwise? Would it be funny? Would you appreciate good side without the bad? It is the variety that makes choices possible, but only the bravest can change their lives. Sometimes because there is a good example, such as the one given by Tom.