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According to the Wikipedia (see it here), there are many forms of democracy. As all things in life, it has evolved and changed and now it is far away from its Greek origins of the system of the “rule by the governed”. 

Democracy (or what is being sold to us as democracy) can no longer satisfy social requirements from today.

In the USA, which considers itself as one of the bastions of Democracy (of whatever kind, I will simply use Democracy as term for all kinds mentioned by Wikipedia); people get to choose their representatives from their own ranks. This is theory. Reality is a little bit different: to be chosen, you have to be known. In order to be known, you need to run a campaign to present your views and get yourself in front of people – meaning on TV screens and billboards. In order to do this, you need money. The money comes from sponsors, which then obviously require return on their investment. The return in form of favourable laws or rules which then chosen representative has to pass or create. The other form of reciprocation is of course blocking unfavourable laws being proposed by opposing parties. The poorer you are at the start of the whole process, the more you need to pay back at the end. Therefore it should be clear to all, that what the US has is hidden oligarchy – the rich few govern the many poor.

In Russia, which also aspires to be democratic, two chosen representatives of the people have just recently announced that in the upcoming elections they will simply swap places. In essence, they have foretold and foreseen the results of the democratic elections. Therefore here we have a dictatorship hidden under democracy. This kind of democracy (if you can call it that at all) may be the right choice for such a vast and corrupt country, but why then lie to everyone? The reason is simple – we do business with Russia. Doing business with dictatorship is considered to be passé. Doing business with democracy is cool.

In South Africa, where the whole world was so happy about the fall of apartheid, 40 million (or so) of black people and 4,5 million of whites (data from here) are voting for their government, taking advantage of democratic elections. Obviously the resulting government is all black (related article here). Regardless of whatever is being told to the world, whites are in effect and all reality discriminated when it comes to governmental jobs and all things related. What we have then is oppression of one side by the other – the tables have turned. Whites are now a minority and being treated as such with a healthy dose of vendetta. There is no doubt that democracy does not work in this case either, but admitting this would mean the same as confirmation that apartheid was better. Especially that you can see degradation of the country year by year – the only province which is now still holding on to normalcy (repaired roads, functioning public offices, comparable safety) is the last one still governed by whites. This is the truth which can be observed (having nothing to do whatsoever with racism), however harsh it may sound.

In many countries, people taking part in politics are members of tightly knit clubs where governmental (and all related to it) jobs are simply shuffled around. This is what happens in Austria, Poland and many other small countries. In essence, again we are dealing with oligarchy of “established establishment”. Once you become a member of the inner circle – which is very difficult and if it happens, it happens if you already know someone on the inside – you are being taken care of and continue being a member of the clique, even if you handle different jobs. The difficulty of getting into the core has its impact on the participation in elections. Citizens do see that their vote does not change anything and they are not going.

What is somewhat related to it is the fact that in many countries political party expenditures are being reimbursed to parties through laws which those party members created. Of course such ideas find no opponents in parliament, as cost are being returned to all parties, opposing or governing alike. For me this is a clear abuse of rights – if a party wants to finance itself, this should be done through voluntary donations and member fees, not through tax payer’s money.

All of the above means that an idea, which possibly worked eons ago, has been raped, used and abused today, to guarantee good monetary return to the few today. No wonder that people start to see through all the democratic smoke screen and go on the streets. The difference between the rich politicians and poor tax payers is starting to hurt beyond the pain threshold – just have a look at the Wall Street.