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I have been lucky enough to be born in the right time. I have not seen any wars first hand, but survived a few. I have seen the fall of Berlin wall, explosion of IT technology, seen Internet being made, survived through fall of communism in my home country and seen almost all borders inside Europe being erased, lived through landing on the moon, seen Dolly being made and human genome being decoded… If all will be confirmed, I will also survive through fall of Einstein’s e=mc² theory as someone just managed to send some particles quicker than speed of light (or someone made a mistake somewhere). Electrical car becomes slowly a reality, at the same time when space shuttle, a technological wonder in itself, is retired. Most of those events, although turbulent and historical in their impact and magnitude, were of positive nature.

Negative are most definitely changes in reach of terrorism – this is a fight we have lost as a humanity, despite all the politicians trying to convince us that it is not so, where at the same time most of them have abused that war to control us even more. Social changes and climate changes are happening quicker than we can come up with a definition for them or come up with a theory behind their creation.

There is also another kind of events I am living through along with my generation – the financial crises of all sizes and shapes. Dot com bubble, Enron, ecological and financial catastrophes… The last one, the one we have to deal with now, is really serious (of course all other ones, like the one from 2008, were serious enough) and maybe to the list above I will be able to add the fact that I survived complete change in financial systems governing capitalism as we know it. Or maybe complete change in capitalism itself. I only don’t know if consequences of the newest events will turn out to be negative, adding more social changes (nationalism, protectionism, poverty, economical and conflict migrations) or positive, solving all related issues with one lucky stroke of someone’s genius.

Interesting times and I am excited to see what still awaits me…