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Yesterday I visited airport in Venice (Marco Polo) and to my dismay I have to say that there are no electrical sockets anywhere at that airport available for public use. Honestly, I walked around the whole building, upstairs and downstairs, and I have found only one socket. That one was of course taken by some other guy with lap top and mobile phone.

No sockets at the whole airport means planned action. Is that another way of saving money? Come on, how much can a lap top (or ten lap tops) a day burn? Aren’t passengers already paying enough for the privilege of being able to charge their phones in the price of the flight tickets?

Or maybe the secret lies in internet terminals (payable) placed around the airport? And no, there was no free socket there either, cables came straight from the wall…

Internet Terminal

Another joke are Vodafone Hot Spots (see picture below) – I checked, there was no Vodafone network available where I took that photo and no socket to plug-in your lap top either.

Vodafone Cold Spot

I presume (I hope) that there are some sockets in the airline lounges, but what good does it bring to all of us sitting and waiting for the flight who happen not to have a business class ticket or an airline card of high enough level to gain access behind the sliding doors? In current times almost all companies pay only for economy travel, meaning no access to lounges. Middle level managers are the ones who have to stay in touch, those are the hard-working men and women of today’s corporations – and Venice airport decided to make their lives even more difficult. If they wanted to give us relaxing time off they should also make sure that mobile networks do not work and provide enough pay phones instead.

My advice to you if you travel through Marco Polo airport in Venice – have your lap top and phone fully charged and bring your wireless modem with you. Otherwise in this 21st century in the middle of modern Europe you will be cut off.