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After I have finished my previous post I started thinking about it. I said there, that “sometimes good enough is really good enough”. What does it mean?

It definitely does not mean that someones chase after money should be capped by law, or that someone should forcefully share his wealth doing good. That is socialism, I have been there in my childhood and I would definitely not suggest this to anyone. I am all for freedom of doing and chasing whatever one chooses to be passionate about (within letter of law, of course).

I simply would like to see deeper reasoning for certain choices. I would like to know that one making decisions affecting me has a “good” set of values. Greed and “short-termism” are also values, but I would not consider them to be good. Those terms are taken from the Martin E. P. Seligman’s book “Flourish” – on page 231 (Free Press, 2011) he wrote: “…If our business schools wish to avoid the economic consequences of greed and short-termism, they have to select their students for a broader moral circle and for long-termism”.

I agree. Sad truth about all this is (what also Dr. Seligman says) that you cannot teach values (or what you truly care about), you bring them from home. I am sure that a lot of frustration and depression in people is drawn by the managers who by their actions, inadvertently or not, destroy values or make workers act in a way which does not agree with their set of values. If you are told to dump toxic water into a sewer, and you know that you will lose your job if you refuse, and there are no jobs around, you dump that water and have sleepless nights. At least for a while.

Above example is crude, during normal work day little things are what counts – such little things (as small lies, covering up, small dishonesties etc) more often than not amount to something bigger. A manager (or executive from my previous post) can value something different from what company stands for (yes, the company can also have values), this set of values can also differ from the one of his workers. There is a conflict here and such conflict definitely does not serve anyone any good. It is even worst if those things are purposefully and consistently forced on you.

Therefore I would like to see people in position of power with better values, they would know when they were good enough. But I know as well that I expect too much.