My experience with Apple products is limited to iPod (including Touch, which I bought once for my wife). My classic 160 GB one got stolen from an airplane, the other one – the one belonging to my better half – developed red dot in the earphone hole and has been judged non-repairable by Apple technicians. Device was on warranty then, but since apparently red dot (or whatever that was) means that it was soaked in some fluid, warranty was voided. We were offered a replacement for 150 EUR.

I didn’t buy one.

The whole experience has thrown me off the Apple track. I realised that I did not like service Apple provided, even when my iPods were fully functional (we had a mini as well, used mostly for running). I didn’t like the fact that a “technician” apparently never opened faulty device to see what was the real cause of the “red dot” (or simply cause of malfunction). I didn’t like the fact that my songs, purchased over iTunes, were not playable anywhere else.

I like my freedom and free choice of doing whatever I want to with things I buy, even if those are songs downloaded from the net. I will not be dictated to use something only 5 times because of someone’s say so, especially if that thing is rightfully mine. All limitations of Apple usage started to annoy me more than this usage gave me joy.True, those are my subjective feelings, but as every Apple lover I am entitled to them.

I own now a no-name MP3 player which is doing exactly the same thing as iPod did – plays music when I run or sit bored in an airplane. It also plays radio without any additional devices. It holds 16GB – which is enough – and it does all this for a fraction of the price. If I lose or break it, I will buy new one, possibly with even more storage, as this seems to be getting cheaper by a minute.

I agree that design of most (if not all) Apple hardware is cool. But I think that the company is slowly starting to abuse its position on the market. I also think that lack of at least some of the seemingly normal technical features today (such as flash) are being covered by pose of being unique. It has never been good to ignore proper customer support, it was never good (in the long run) to have bad service, it has also never been good to ignore customer’s wishes.

I will then observe all “new” ideas of Apple (which in most cases are better approaches to old ideas) and ignore the hype. Apple tries to be unique and cool through practices which will not work forever. Their approach to marketing is as effective as it is dangerous and mistakes can be costly.

They lost one customer. I am though not the only one – just type “I hate Apple” in Google. See for yourself.